Our initial choice is to favour the communicative approach, focusing on those aspects of the language that are most useful for achieving effective linguistic interaction. Anyway beyond the methodologies, students are the real protagonists in the learning process.

Their knowledge, motivation, character and previous experience are considered fundamental values to be taken into account for effective and stimulating learning. These values cannot be subordinated to any teaching method.

The awareness that students have previous experiences of study, motivations, learning styles and even very different school models, has forced us to reject any methodological dogmatism.

The lessons are divided into two phases.
The first two hours are dedicated to the structures underlying the language, the following hours are focused on putting the language into practice in real and simulated communicative situations.

The role played by the teacher is that of animator, not only linguistic.
The structures and contents of the levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (C. E. F. R. )

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