In parallel to the language courses, the Messapia school organizes weekly excursions that allow the student to know and appreciate the cultural richness of Salento and to feel part of it. A fun way to practice the language with the locals and get closer to the local customs and traditions. Upon arrival, a program will be delivered and the user can choose to participate in the various afternoon excursions around Salento. We will visit ancient villages, nature reserves, museums, ducal palaces and castles, menhirs, dolmens, underground oil mills. There will be walks along the Via Francigene and Via Leucadensi and the evening will end in farmhouses in front of traditional dishes washed down with good local wine.


Galatina is part of the SAC (Sistema Ambiente Culturale e Ambientale – Cultural and Environmental Environment System) territory of Arneo and Costa dei Ginepri, which consists of 14 municipalities linked by a rich history and a rich cultural heritage that is also the result of influences from successive peoples. Messapi, Greeks, Romans, Normans, Swabians, Spaniards, French, African merchants, corsairs, Middle Eastern monks have left a legacy of rites, customs and traditions that are still performed and renewed in the community, without distinguishing the sacred from the profane. Following the seasons, in a dimension between magic and religion, we will explore the most significant customs and ceremonies of the SAC. During the weekend the user can choose to visit the designated destinations of the “Out of town trips”.


Interesting itineraries to be covered by bicycle, through farms and monumental olive trees, along the sea, to discover the magnificent territory of Salento and at the end of each path a picnic among the olive trees and orchards, in the agro-tourist restaurants, to discover the thousands of flavors and recipes of the Apulian tradition.


In the morning lessons in progress, to learn the language in the most authentic environments. In the afternoon, participate to guided excursions along the Ionian and Adriatic coasts, in the Salento hinterland to discover menhirs and dolmens, underground oil mills, museums, castles and towers. On weekends trips outside of town, to Matera, Ostuni and other destinations. In the summer months Salento offers many activities, patronal festivals illuminated by fantastic lights, village festivals to taste the products of the rural tradition, outdoor theater performances, songs, folk dances, nights dedicated to the Pizzica.


Living the culture also means getting to know the local craftsmanship. To complement the language lessons there will also be cooking workshops, personalized lessons of homemade pasta, cakes, typical products of Salento. And beyond cooking, papier-mâché, weaving and much more.


Go along the Salento coast from one sea to another, dive into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, sunbathe on the boat while the images of the caves and gorges flow, and then end the day around a table of sea delights.


A journey through the traditional hospitality of Salento, because knowing the local products means tasting a good glass of wine, dipping a piece of homemade bread in the just produced oil, participate in the harvest of grapes and olives and visit the ancient places of production that still keep alive the traditions.


In her home, Aunt Tata welcomes all those who want to learn how to cook the dishes of typical Salento cuisine: Parmigiana, potato’s panzerotti, caponata, the famous carteddhrate and everything that makes your mouth water. Aunt Tata teaches how to cook around a table to end the unforgettable evening delighting the palate with local specialties.


Lezione itinerante presso una delle più caretteristiche masserie del Salento. Alla colazione con i prodotti tipici locali seguirà una visita guidata nel caseificio per conoscere i processi di lavorazione delle mozzarelle, delle caciotte e altre delizie caseari. In seguito ci sarà una visita agli animali o al pascolo ed infine un mini laboratorio rivolto agli ospiti. Inoltre, un apicultore locale svelerà tutti i segreti del miele artigianale.